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  • Stop Your Migraine
    Migraine headaches are a very common disorder. It is estimated that about 4 million people in the United States suffer from this disease. Many people rely on pain pills for relief, some of which have significant side effects. If you or someone you know suffers from migraines, try the following treatment. It is a simple method which you can practice on yourself. Very often it can stop the headache within minutes.

    Here is what you need to do:

    1. First, find the following three acupoints on the head. The first

    one is Taiyang (Ex) which is located in the depression one inch (cun) posterior-lateral to the outer corner of the eye. If you touch this point, you will feel an arterial pulsation there. The second point is Yangbai (GB 14) which is located in a depression about one inch superior to the center of pupil when you look straight ahead. And, GB 14 is on the upper border of the orbit of the eye socket, and when you touch the point, you can feel an artery there, too. The last point is called Touwei (ST 8), located a little posterior to the corner of the hairline. Arterial pulsation can also be felt there when you find the point. These points are bilateral, so there are a total of six points involved.

    2. When you feel a migraine attack coming on, or when you are actually having a migraine attack, locate these three points on each side of your head. The points are positioned so that you can use three fingers of each hand to press on each point. Use your thumb, index finger and middle finger, and apply firm pressure at these points. Generally, you should use your left hand for the left-side points and the right hand for the right side of the head. Position the thumb on Taiyang, the index fin??ger on Touwei (ST 8), and the middle finger on Yangbai (GB 14). When you are positioned on the points, press the points hard, as if you are attempting to stop the circulation. Keep applying pressure until you feel relief, which could take from two to ten minutes. If the migraine does not go away, or if it returns shortly, then try another treatment approach.

    3. See the following diagram for the location of the acupoints described.


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