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    Tai Chi is meditative and physical exercise which coordinates breathing techniques with bodily movements. It helps tone muscle, improve flexibility, reduce stress and build entrance.
    Tui Na is a Chinese form of therapeutic massage. Based on the same treatment principles as acupuncture, it balances and harmonizes Qi flow in the body. Tui Na effectively addresses many health conditions through its ability to control pain and reduce stress. It can increase mobility, improve paralytic conditions, relax tight muscles and aid in recovery from trauma.
    Dietary Therapy is a concept fundamental to Chinese culture and is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Scientific investigation into Chinese food therapy has found that many of the phytochemicals in traditional foods are beneficial to specific health problems such as menopause, digestive disorders, mood swings, etc. Modifying our diet can produce significant improvements in health. 
    Chinese Herbs are used for balancing, harmonizing and cleansing the body‘s systems. Used alone or in combination with acupuncture, they effectively treat a wide variety of health problems and maintain wellness without significant side effects. Ongoing scientific studies into traditional Chinese herbs are corroborating the effectiveness of many time-tested formulas. Northwest acupuncture Center practitioners have a large selection of standard formulas and raw herbs available and are well-trained ..
    Acupuncture is a natural healing technique which restores, regulates and normalizes the flow of vital energy (Qi) through the body by inserting hair-thin needles into the body‘s energy pathways. By manipulating the flow of Qi, acupuncture can deal with the imbalances that are the root cause of many diseases and health problems. Energy blockages, systemic deficiencies and imbalances or disharmonies of the body‘s fundamental substances can all be addressed by acupuncture treatment. Scientific stud..


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